Tasks 17 and 18 – Googly Eyed

iGoogle: so much fun but such a great waste of time!  This is of course such a non-Gen Y comment.  They wouldn’t see it as a waste of time.  Vast generalisations aside, yes its fun to have widgets and personalise a page but wow I could get really lost in all of it without really achieving a lot. Google maps is something that’s been around for a while now.  Largely replaced people using Where is? with nice tie ins to other Google products.  As a trial, it did fail giving me public transport information to get home, so TransInfo is a much … Continue reading Tasks 17 and 18 – Googly Eyed

Task 15 – Something wiki

I’ve used wikis quite a bit over the last few years and have know about them since 2001 when I was doing data management for an engineering company.  When they were first introduced on a project for discussion and review of documentation there was genuine stupefaction about how you could have something that anyone could amend.  It was a notion that really went against configuration management control of revision level of documents.  I don’t think anyone then could have guessed just how far reaching wikis have become in their use in organisations for documenting policy/procedure etc or on the net … Continue reading Task 15 – Something wiki

Task 13 – Delicious

I first got a De.li.cious account several years ago and unfortunately it quickly fell into disuse.  Having looked at it again I’m not sure whether I shall use it anymore than last time.  And it has nothing to do with being a former cataloguer (there I’ve gone and outed myself now).  While I can see the point of collective if unstructured tagging of fave sites and how it might link me to unexpected discoveries, I am yet to be convinced that logging into De.li.cious first to find information on X subject is going to be more productive than a straightforward … Continue reading Task 13 – Delicious

Task 12 – LibriVox

While LibriVox is limited to those works that are not in copyright it is again a useful resource I’m happy that I’m now aware of.  I shall experiment with loading onto iTunes at home so that I can play on my iPod on the way to work.  When I loaded “War of the Worlds” into iTunes as a trial at work it, as usual, did odd things.  This time around putting it into two separate folders.  Beats me why this happened.  I would also imagine that it would also be a great resource for people with hearing impairments. Continue reading Task 12 – LibriVox

Task 10 – LibraryThingaMeJig

I think I really like LibraryThing.  I think it could be a great way to talk to other people who are reading/have read/might want to read the kind of books that you also do.  Having been a member of book reading groups – none of which ever really succeeded and I never really worked out why that was – having an online community could work.  Obviously it will take some time to really establish what kind of conversations etc you can have in the groups etc. Continue reading Task 10 – LibraryThingaMeJig

Tasks 8 and 9 – RSS and Newsfeeds

I have used RSS and newsfeeds for a few years now so there wasn’t anything particularly new for me in this.  As no doubt others have said before me RSS and newsfeeds are a way to bring appropriate information from selected sites to me rather than going to search for it on a regular basis.  As such it can be used to keep update on both personal and professional matters of interest.  I have used both Feedreader at work and other RSS readers in the past.  For instance, I have a feed going my bookmarks in Mozilla.  Bloglines does have … Continue reading Tasks 8 and 9 – RSS and Newsfeeds